Workplace Wellbeing

corporate_wellbeingBupa found just 7% of employees claim to be working to their full potential. Employees routinely see short-term, financial goals take precedence over wellbeing. Stress  has become the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK, costing the UK economy £6.5bn per year1. We must shift the focus from wealth to health for sustainable productivity and innovation.

There’s growing momentum for such a paradigm shift with high-profile leaders such as Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, Evan Williams and Howard Schultz among those leading the charge to stop us all sliding into mass-burnout, a cost that is unlikely to show up in quarterly earnings reports before it’s too late. Yet, for every £1 invested in staff wellbeing, there’s a return of £3 in improved efficiency and productivity2.corporate_yoga

Mindfulness, yoga and meditation programmes have been shown to reduce stress, raise self-awareness and empathy and offer the antidote to our frenetic work lives.  These practices retrain the brain in a more profound and lasting way than traditional classroom based approaches.

To learn more about moving beyond profit as the sole performance indicator, contact me today to discuss workplace packages from one-off events to measurable longer-term programmes.

‘I love the fact that as well as stretching the muscles and reducing stress, yoga is also an excellent form of exercise for strengthening all parts of the body. It assists the internal organs to function properly and this is what I put down to having zero sick days since starting yoga. Considering the amount of time lost from stress and illness to employers, building yoga into the workplace is a no-brainer to me.”‘
Alan S, Senior Accountant, Edinburgh
Jade had the gift of making yoga feel easy and enjoyable as she guides us through poses which build strength and flexibility.  The lunch hour opens up, and by the end of it I feel my mind more settled and calm, and my body refreshed.’
Chloe M, Freelance Consultant, Edinburgh