“I’d love to practice yoga, but I am just not flexible enough.”

Whenever I hear that, I curiously ask, “Ok, so where else in your life does your inflexibility show up?”

Now we have a conversation!

This can surprise some people who meant to just talk about their physical body and possibly, only certain parts. There’s a reason I ask.

Mounting evidence suggests our mental wellbeing affects our physical state and many illnesses manifesting in the body originate in the mind. When the conversation moves beyond the physical, almost everyone feels this truth.

The Oxford definition of flexible is:

Flexible (adj.)(of a person) ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances.

Flexibility is equally beneficial to our bodies as our minds. By coming onto the yoga mat and slowly breathing into our stiffness, deep rooted insecurities and fears can be acknowledged, processed and resolved.

Flexibility is a choice that leads us to taking control of our lives rather than being victims of circumstance. It starts in the mind long before it shows up in the body.

If you you catch yourself thinking that you’re not flexible, ask ‘Where else in my life does inflexibility show up?”

Start today by choosing to be flexible.  Embrace the fact that you don’t have all the answers. Take delight in knowing there are still things to discover.