Edinburgh Yoga Classes

I offer Hatha flow style yoga in corporate settings around Edinburgh. Hatha, a Sanskrit word meaning sun (ha) and moon (tha), is about joining the two complementary energies we all possess: yin and yang. Stress, anxiety, sleeplessness or depression are a result of imbalance. The sun relates to heat, power and external expressions of energy, the moon is more calming, cool and inward looking. Hatha is the union of these elements which, when maintained, evoke feelings of wellbeing, empowerment and ease.

Classes emphasise body awareness and develop intuition as we work with the body’s natural responses to gain length and tone in the muscles, developing stamina and resilience on and off the mat. Without jumping, forcing or binding we leave feeling rejuvenated, expansive and capable.

I also work with private clients using yoga to address specific challenge areas such as back pain, shoulder and hip mobility, stress and sleeplessness or general fitness and wellbeing. This one-to-one approach suits those who can’t make a regularly scheduled group class or who prefer more attention and a tailored approach.

I am currently focused on corporate yoga programmes and am taking a break from weekly public classes. Join my mailing list to be kept up to date with new classes, workshops and retreats.

I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-200) with Yoga Alliance International, have completed the Strala Intensive Training in Los Angeles and hold the Diploma for Yoga in Pregnancy from the Yoga Therapy & Training Centre in Dublin. I studied Yoga Anatomy with renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Ray Long, in Cambridge, UK and continue working with leaders in the science of yoga worldwide.

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‘Jade´s soothing voice lulled me into a state of relaxation and acceptance in my yoga class. She oozes enthusiasm for the subject and her attention to detail, knowledge and innate wisdom helped me relax, trust and follow her instructions and guidance, and lose my ´chattering mind´ for a while. Thank you Jade – you are a star’
Christina K, Mother and Yoga Teacher, Spain
As a non-athlete I felt very comfortable in Jade’s class. She is encouraging but never makes you feel in competition with others. A great environment to try something new – & feel like new too.’
Hayley G, Edinburgh
‘Jade’s class on Yoga for Surfers is my first attempt at yoga. The class has helped me relax and forget about the stress at work, as well as raise my overall fitness level. I believe it’s also made a difference in my surfing, as I feel l can surf for longer and at a higher level of intensity.’
Stefan V, Edinburgh
I wish I could bottle the feeling I have when I leave her class, it’s definitely the most relaxed I feel all week long and the best night’s sleep I get all week too. If you’re a newbie like me and you’ve always been interested in yoga, then Jade’s classes are the perfect place to start… I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.’
Claire P, Edinburgh
As a complete beginner to yoga I had no idea what to expect but Jade is really friendly and makes you feel very welcome and at ease. The class itself is relaxing and you can push yourself as little or as much as you want with each move. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for their 1st yoga experience.
Hazel W, Edinburgh

Class Descriptions

Beginner’s Yoga

We’ll cover everything you need to know to confidently attend drop-in classes or start a practice at home. Developing balance, strength, flexibility as well as techniques to calm the mind and gain focus. Each class will begin with a short breathing exercise before warming up and using different focus postures (asanas) to bring full range of motion to the body, before ending with a well-earned relaxation. Over the 6 weeks you’ll learn postures to open the hips and shoulders, strengthen the arms and legs, bring flexibility to the spine and gain awareness of where you may be holding tension in the body.

General Hatha

An all-levels, balancing Hatha flow class open to everyone. Incorporating strengthening, balancing and stretching poses while encouraging individuals to approach new postures with curiosity and compassion rather than with expectations or force. A friendly local class with regular visitors too. Make this part of your weekly well-being routine!


The modern lifestyle can make it challenging to truly switch off and we often carry stress from our work into the rest of our lives. This can impact our health, our sleep and even our relationships. Yoga has been shown to inhibit the stress response and make us more resilient. This class will combine a gentle and un-winding hatha sequence with practical breathing exercises and restorative relaxation.

Yoga for Surfers

Yoga is the perfect practice to build and maintain the strength, flexibility, focus and endurance needed in the water. This class is ideal for meeting other local surf enthusiasts while enjoying some surf-inspired tunes. Suitable for non-surfers too, we focus on arm strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

Pregnancy Yoga

I offer one-to-one pregnancy yoga classes and work with small private groups as I believe personal attention is ideal during this time of transition. I’ll travel within Central Edinburgh or can arrange to work with you at my venue near Leith Walk.

Yoga is a wonderful practice to incorporate after your first trimester, helping you to be in the best physical and mental shape for labour. Your class will be restorative with a focus on full breathing and relaxation. Suitable for those who have never practiced yoga previously, Pregnancy Yoga classes focus on developing strength, flexibility and stamina that can ease your labour and speed recovery after birth while helping you relax and calm the mind.