This video first found me in a tiny hotel room in Paris. It was one hour before very early on a dark January morning. Business, not pleasure. As the company-issued-Blackberry contended with my ‘demande’ for video and audio, together, I felt a strange combination of familiarity and novelty, like a defining moment was about to take place.

I absorbed the message as if I’d heard it a hundred times before yet had never really listened. The familiarity came from a certainty at my core that what we dream about most consistently (not in the unconscious, nighttime sense) holds clues to our deepest purpose. I love the simplicity of the animation and music for such a primordial message that often seems so complex and out of reach.

“the way to achieve your goals is to dream of what you want, to put an expiration date to your dream and then work to achieve it. You can do very well in the future. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU BELIEVE.