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Leadership Lessons from the Yoga Mat #2: Downward Facing Dog

Perhaps the most well-known and classic image of yoga, Downward Facing Dog is fundamental to the flow of sun salutations and features in most classes. Yoga practitioners at every level find familiarity here. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to avoid and as asanas go, this one is all-encompassing. Stretching and strengthening the feet, legs, back, shoulders, arms and wrists, Downward Facing Dog is energising and relaxing. It is said to boost circulation, digestion, improve bone density and release tension. In short, if this is the only practice you add to your day, you’re bound to benefit. Often overlooked, [...]

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5 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

With a growing body of research uncovering the efficacy of yoga and meditation for improving stress levels, sleep quality and depression, as well as improved flexibility, strength and stamina, it’s unsurprising that more and more of us are stepping onto the yoga mat seeking the antidote to modern living. For those considering taking the plunge, here are 5 things to know before rolling out the mat. 1.       Let Go of Competing This may be the first time we’ve been a beginner at anything for a long time. Enjoy the experience with curiosity. We push ourselves in daily life and at [...]

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A few reasons to give it a go….

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Happy Valentines Day

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Dare to Dream

This video first found me in a tiny hotel room in Paris. It was one hour before very early on a dark January morning. Business, not pleasure. As the company-issued-Blackberry contended with my 'demande' for video and audio, together, I felt a strange combination of familiarity and novelty, like a defining moment was about to take place. I absorbed the message as if I'd heard it a hundred times before yet had never really listened. The familiarity came from a certainty at my core that what we dream about most consistently (not in the unconscious, nighttime sense) holds clues to [...]

January 31st, 2014|Categories: Inspiration, Wellbeing|1 Comment
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Leadership Lessons from the Yoga Mat #1: Seated Forward Bend

This posture confidently exemplifies restraint, patience and self-awareness. The seated forward bend is one of the greatest guides to letting go of the ego. Our inherent competitive nature may surface initially, pushing us deeper into the stretch. It’s common to overlook the breath or become aware of what’s happening on the next mat, but the folded nature of the posture fosters a feeling of grounding, of coming back to oneself. Learning to focus inwards we can let go of the need to compare ourselves to others. We understand that every body is created differently and can begin to enjoy the [...]

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Write A Year You Love

In her book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”, Bronnie Ware warns us from her extensive experience of caring for them, that as terminally ill patients prepare to pass away, the most commonly cited remorse is: ‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.’  Take a second to consider that. From childhood we’re socialised.  Parents, siblings, teachers, neighbours, bosses - everyone around us has a part to play in suggesting what is right and wrong, what is something noble to strive for and what is just a [...]

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Flexibility is a Choice

“I’d love to practice yoga, but I am just not flexible enough.” Whenever I hear that, I curiously ask, “Ok, so where else in your life does your inflexibility show up?” Now we have a conversation! This can surprise some people who meant to just talk about their physical body and possibly, only certain parts. There's a reason I ask. Mounting evidence suggests our mental wellbeing affects our physical state and many illnesses manifesting in the body originate in the mind. When the conversation moves beyond the physical, almost everyone feels this truth. The Oxford definition of flexible is: Flexible [...]

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