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The Money Myth That’s Thwarting Your Cause

The root of all evil? A good servant but a bad master? Comparable to time? Regardless of the way we view money, it - like everything else - is neutral. We assign that meaning. When I leapt from a sales career in the media industry to search for something more purposeful, it was commonly expected I would happily accept a downward shift in income as recompense for my new found purpose in life. Although a preliminary financial post-mortem revealed 70% of my old-life spending was directly aimed at numbing the pain of being uninspired, micro-managed and chronically bored, I did [...]

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The Happiness Illusion

As I approach the end of my first year of study of Positive Psychology I am compelled to share a common idea that surfaces when considering the subject of happiness. Happiness isn’t a blind, naïve, ignorant or one-sided perspective. It isn’t about refusing to see problems, downsides, challenges or tough times and metaphorically sticking our fingers in our ears. I am certain that every system on the planet, and beyond, that is left to its own devices will always always, always move towards homeostasis, or balance. This goes for an economic system as much as for the incredible system of, [...]

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What Does Your Body Say?

It’s well documented that when we feel depressed, we tend to move slower, less often and hunch the shoulders. But is it possible that simply adopting this position e.g. sitting down for hours hunched over a keyboard with the chest dropped, can stimulate feelings of depression? There’s strong evidence to suggest it can. Researchers have found that when deliberately placed into a slumped position, we tend to have better recollection of negative events: easily recalling times when we have felt hopeless, powerless or helpless. By contrast, those sitting upright with the chest broad found it hard to recall negative events, [...]

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Get out of the blue

Today (January 19th) is widely considered the most depressing day the year. As we patiently await the first pay cheque of 2015 amidst extreme weather, lack of daylight and a realisation that most of our resolutions for the year have already fallen by the wayside (oh, and it’s Monday!), it’s easy to nose dive into depression. Yet Blue Monday, as it has come to be known, needn’t be all doom and gloom. As always, it’s a matter of perspective. Here are 3 ways to make the most of today… Get Outside - since the winter solstice on December 21st, the [...]

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The Cold and Flu Myth That Might Be Making You Sick

Word on the street is it’s that time of year again. The inevitable cold and flu season where the warming sounds of sleigh bells and merry carol singers are drowned out by hacking coughs, sniffly noses and advertising slogans promising to help us push through pain, get back on with our hectic schedule and just keep going, despite aches and exhaustion. With our current lifestyles honouring ‘busy’ as an endorsement of status its little wonder the over-the-counter cold and flu remedy industry has been growing significantly year on year. We’re promised that these pills, powders, liquids and sprays will allow [...]

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Be Yourself…

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Mindfulness: A New Approach

Ellen Langer has been researching mindfulness for over 35 years, long before it was a buzzword in business meetings across the globe. Ironically she began studying the antithesis, mindlessness, and believes we are all, always either mindful or mindless. She doesn't promote the use of a specific meditation 'technique' or of a practice we 'should' dedicate 3o minutes per day to, rather hers is a way of seeing that challenges perceptions and reminds us that we will always find answers to the questions we ask. A phenomenological version of Parkinson's Law, if you will.... For example, if we change 'Can [...]

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Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

I am delighted to be beginning the Masters in Applied Positive Psychology with the University of East London. I wanted to summarise the field and offer a little introduction. I think this man does it well. A story about perceptions, brains and....unicorns.  

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What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

"At least once a day look into the mirror and say: “I love you, I really love you!” Louise Hay

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Walking the Labyrinth

Labyrinth. We use the word synonomously with ‘maze’. Other thesaurus suggestions include: tangle, complication, jungle, puzzle and web. Curiously, we’ve imbued this inherently simple path with confusion, dilemma and deception. Walking the Edinburgh University Labyrinth this week, I wondered if this was a reflection of the human condition – to add challenge, struggle and obstacles to make any achievement feel deserved. Despite the apparent chaos from the outside, a labyrinth has only one, non-branching path leading to and from the centre. There are no wrong turns, no dead-ends and no mistakes. The journey, though simple, was profound. The symbolism continuing [...]

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