Jade Allan – Your Guide to an Inspired Life

Leaders know, intuitively, that happy employees are fully engaged, positive ambassadors for the business. Solving problems creatively and collaboratively they easily align with the long term mission. Fixation on short-term goals – quarterly earnings, monthly sales or stock price – can keep wellbeing initiatives off the agenda but only for so long. As individuals, when we fail to align our lives with a deeper purpose, the world intervenes – challenging bosses, poor health, redundancy – pushing us to breaking point so we will do something different. The same is true in the organisation.

If you’re ready to bring the ancient practices of yoga, mindfulness and meditation into your business to reduce stress, train emotional intelligence and ultimately increase employee engagement get in touch or read more on the blog.


“She has an incredible ability to help you focus and see what’s important to you then help you get it. Having someone coach you through hiccups in life, knowing that they too have gone through a sometimes rocky journey to get where they are today, is inspiring and comforting. I’d recommend Jade to anyone looking for inspiration and perhaps a little push to get you through a rough time, or to help to see the silver lining in any situation.”
Rebecca H, VP Marketing, Geneva
“Jade’s unique combination of business savvy and deep understanding of yogic philosophy helped me understand the difference between “managing” people and “leading” people which has had a direct impact on the way I run my company.”
Sergio A, founder @ Lexvisors, Berlin
“She’s had the most positive influence on my life and still does. She reminds me not to forget my dreams and encourages me to act rather than watch time pass me by. She gives me a direction when I don’t know where I’m heading, acting as a guide but letting me make my own decisions. She never forgets that everyone is different and doesn’t judge. She just brings out the best in you, effortlessly.”
Laure S, Head of Mid Market Sales, London
“As a result of all her support and advice, I believe I am a better professional.”
Carlos P, Sales Manager, London
“Jade is a gifted and inspiring person, she has this amazing energy around her that encourages you to go after the things you really want. I feel lucky I met Jade and working close to her has taught me how important it is to pursue your passions and make things happen.”
Kim B, Account Strategist, Sydney
“I was inspired daily by Jade’s energy and felt a higher sense of purpose. A fantastic open personality, she made a point to understand and motivate me, bringing out the best in us as individuals and as a team. A guide to inspired living is a natural progression for Jade, whom I always knew had far more to offer, especially to those in the demanding corporate climate.”
Armaan C, Barcelona
“When I met Jade I was used to being told what to do rather than why I should do it. She helped me to understand the value of my own ideas, to trust my instinct, have confidence in my own power and not be afraid to speak up when I have something relevant to say. She taught me to go after the things I want calmly but with determination.”
Nidia I, Account Manager, London
“She speaks from experience after being very successful in the business world and so many other areas in life. She definitely helped me progress and further myself and figure out what my strengths and passions are.”
Robbert E, Head of Sales, London
“Jade is somebody that I would highly recommend in any capacity. She truly has had the largest impact on my current success.”
Ian U, Sales Manager, London
“She has been a great example of mentor and coach for me: reliable, supportive, and importantly challenging. She helped me to develop by giving me advice to turn weaknesses into strengths to become a manager myself. She has not only managed to guide me through identifying what it is that I really want in life, but most importantly she possesses a rare ability to get you to turn your own vision into reality. She gave me the tools and advice to develop my skills to lead a team.”
Delphine S, Manager of Account Strategy, London

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